Brad n' Antonio tops most lists by virtue
of their seemingly effortless "smoothness"

in a word; "COMPETENT" *

beyond that..
my taste runs to geeky brainiac types
..so, Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan, Al Gore...

I prefer quiet guys over loud boisterous,
muscle-bound bully types. Kind & gentle, a
willingness to be helpful earns big points,
you know.. the 'Community Organizer' Type.

females? no interest whatsoever...**
unless it's genuine interest as a person
that could possibly blossom into more..?
I doubt I'd kick Rachel Maddow outta' bed.

* I've long been aware that I have an innate
admiration toward anyone who can do virtually
anything really really 'WELL'...

** not a moral judgment...simply a personal
preference... I'm physically repelled by the
feel of soft-wet people, just the thought of
kissing a baby on the mouth makes me sick
...but w/e