What CC is is SMART
but in a "Cagey" Calculating sense of the word.

He recognized "The BUMP" his approval rating got
by acting like a Moderate during Hurricane Sandy,
and was smart enough to let that work in a longer
range plan by tricking folks into trusting him.

~ Mark My Words ~

CC's Presidential ticket's going to lean heavily on
his record for "SAVING TAX-PAYER MONEY in N.J."

People who can't see beyond A DOLLAR SIGN
won't bother to question the amount of HARM his
"Austerity Policy" has inflicted on our State.

He'll claim to have "Created JOBS" but folks won't
bother to dig enough to see that he created jobs
'flipping-burgers' for senior's who should have
been able to enjoy their retirement & delivering
papers by laid-off Teachers and First Responders.

Right now NJ is just kinda' holding it's breath..
..all forward momentum was stopped cold & we're
just waiting for "The Other Shoe" to drop one way
.....or the OTHER.

Either WE'LL Still be Stuck with him...
...or The Entire Country will be.