nebber knowd you was a gearhead! grin

it's a common misconception by people
that the bikes (and cars) are
entirely created "In House"

'cause the details kinda' gets lost in the sauce
that most of what is done in the shop was actually
outsourced piece by piece from various specialty shops
often scattered through out the state (or country)
then assembled and possibly painted (sometimes only
the final Clear-Coat) on the spot.

The Shop that commissions the work gets the CREDIT,
while the various shops get paid by the part, and
possible mention in the case of Tooled Leather and
Specialty ART("TRICK")Painting or Fine "Pin-Striping".

What people aren't privy to (even the car owner, who
isn't a welcome presence due to the pressure they
TRY to exert since they generally DO NOT Understand
that once the vehicle is parted-out, it's a waiting game
to get the parts back for approval & final assembly.)

So shops USUALLY adhere to a
"Don't-Call-Us, We'll-Call-You!" policy
rather than have people milling around "under-foot".