Thanks to Kate for sending me a hard copy of this a ways back. I've been updating missing members since. It's all updated as far as I can tell. If I missed anyone or anything is wrong let me know.

The link is so long it blows out the forum page and won't work as a clickable link. Click on the Calendar Link below, it will download a TextEdit doc with the url. Copy the url and either paste it into Safari and hit Return, it will open iCal, Firefox Chrome etal won't work. Or you can go to iCal/File/New Subscription, paste the url, then choose the option for a New Calendar if you want the dates in a separate calendar, which is usually the best choice.

Calendar link.

I tried posting it as a spoiler so it wouldn't blow out the page, but for some reason it quadruples it. crazy

You can copy the first line, from webcal to Find2sXs. Scroll right.

Click to reveal..