So we got out two hours early this week, (all of two days, yay!) So we start with second hour since the first is now RTI. (A study hall thing but Iím in yearbook.) Thatís already different from last year, so ugh.

The normal PE teacher retired, so thereís this new 28-year-old lady. Sheís sarcastic and funny. Thatís only a first impression though.

We talked about her and rules and then an announcement came over the PA calling everyone to the auditorium. It was an assembly. They introduced the new teachers and a foreign exchange student. The Student body presidents also introduced themselves.

Next in the assembly they were talking about changes from last year. We now have our school ID cards on a clip and are required to wear them on our shirt. Instant uproar from the entire student body.
After that it was off to web design. Another new teacher. She seems nice enough, but she said we canít have headphones. We were all a little miffed because the previous teacher (who I was close to) let us.
Nothing interesting happened after that until Lunch. (except in prac. math where a girl said 2+4= fish) Apparently freshman are now allowed to go out, because theyíre cramming both of our lunch hours in with the Junior High. This is annoying because there is no point in Freshman having open campus because they canít drive, so where the hell are they going to go? And after weíre done eating they kick you outside of the building.

So yeah, itís totally crazy...

In other news, here's a picture! That's a cassette tape in my hand...

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