...so... What's with all the Leos?

It was MusicalMarv's B'Day too
and I only noticed it by the lil b'day cake icon.

Well, I wasn't serious about the question...
...I figured it out years ago when it came up on
a different forum... Someone mentioned that they
were an Aries with Leo siblings... and lots of
members jumped in concurring the observation...
Being that I'm one of 3 Aries in my family alone,
with.. uh huh... a Leo bother making an even four
..which prompted me to count backward 9 MONTHS
in search of some sort of relationship or pattern.

Turns out that the commonality was that we were
all conceived while our parents were relaxed and
receptive... Aries people were conceived during
the traditional (American) 2 Week Vacation end of
July/beginning of Aug. As it turns out, our baby
brother The Leo, was a surprise Christmas present.

sumfin to fink about if you know anyone having
conception issues...remind them that it might
help to simply 'stop and smell the roses'. ~@~ smile