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Usually the movie is nothing like the trailer, I hope that's the case here too.

Being from that era and into the tech in the 80s Pirates with Noah Wylie was really close to what it was like back then. Not much was Hollywood polished in Pirates. I hope this can capture the same mindset and not be too Hollywood, but first look...

Now I sound like Dave. smirk

It's a movie. Enjoy. Right?

I'm so confused.

Hehe. Good for you.

I'm looking forward to it. Steve J, as I understand, was a very complex individual. I appreciate many things I've heard. And as many here, my life has been affected mightily by Apple. I can't imagine my life with out it.

As for movies. I like catching things that are off in the movie. Also I like trying to discover underlying "agendas" in movies. Or points of view of the director or producers. But this is for another thread.

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