mozzies are a PItA...

...but Black Flies are a 100X worse!

skeeters haunt still or stagnant waters

whereas Black Flies ("Buffalo Gnats")
prefer fresh running water.

My 2 favorite camping spots were
A) The Delaware Water Gap and along
the Appalachian Trail. A Mix of fresh
running water & bogs.
B) Peekamoose Mountain Reservation.
along a large trout stream running
between 2 of 3 reservoirs in the area.

There are hundreds of mosquito repellents
on the market... but nothing that deters
a determined swarm of black flies!


worked so well, they finally introduced it
to the public as an OFFICIAL Bug Repellent

I haven't had occasion to try the new stuff,
sadly I no longer go camping or back packing frown

The original is nice because it's child friendly
even from infant on up. IT'S VERY EFFECTIVE...
...safer for the finish on your bike...
...and you'll Smell Nice Too...