Got a Brother in law the same way- rabid rightie !

Sent me some pictures of W the other day meeting and greeting people and called him a class President who's being slandered by the occupant of the WH ! (more than rolls eyes !!!)

Here's what I wrote back.
"Bush was the WORST President in recent American History --- his record is horrible... left us with huge debts because he paid for NOTHING ! Gave away the Clinton surplus.
I could make you a LONG list, but you're in denial with this turkey !
But you go ahead with the Bush Fairy Tales...
He should be in Jail for War Crimes (Iraq).

Bush was so BAD the GOP didn't even invite him to their Convention last Fall !!
WHAT does that say Larry ?? They don't even invite the ex-President of their own party !!!

Dream on !
David (OFI)