The ACA votes were in the GOP House - (Boehner) and Reid's hands are tied because of the filibuster rule (60 votes). Hence Frank hit the nail on the head- as long as the voters keep electing "the crazies" (aka Palin, Bachmann, Angle, Ryan, Rubio, Cruz, Paul....etc) NOTHING will get accomplished !!

I think C. Matthews is right (last night). The next GOP POTUS nominee will be Ryan or the likes because they've come up short twice with moderates (McCain, Romney). The uber-conservatives will rule the 2016 primaries for President... and maybe many other slots. SO we may get our chance to see how that works out. THE only thing that might prevent this is if the GOP runs a slew of super-conservatives in 2014 and most lose badly and the Dems retake the House while holding onto the Senate. Then they might take a 2nd look, but as of now, they'll nominate a very hard rightie (Ryan, Rubio, Cruz) ! You can forget Christie or Bush. . . . and Perry ? ...don't make me laugh ! grin
David (OFI)