With respect to "W", the question is, is the negativity accurate and fair or is it extreme?

I think with "W" (never saw it), it's likely well deserved. Bush WAS horrible - not saying that just cause I'm more liberal than most GOP... but really, W ignored warnings for 9-11, invaded the wrong country, mismanaged that occupation, was responsible for the Great Recession of 2008... and many other things... like his sh!ty attitude- "you're with us or against us" all the lies he, Dick, Condi, and Rummy told... and these lies KILLED people including our own & cost us trillions... you get the picture. I mean they had SO much unflattering material to go with ! Like doing a movie on Atilla and not covering the massacres !!

BUT like CNN said, they're barely in production (scripting) and the GOP is going bonkers... they don't even know what'll be in it yet ! What about Hillary's try at HC in 1993-4, the Monica affair 1998, and possibly Benghazi ? It may not be all roses !! IF they do a decent job, it WON'T be... everyone has 2 sides. I think Hillary's is 90%+ positive, but everyone has mistakes they'd like to do over... well except W - he says he wouldn't change anything !! How's that for "unflattering" considering the outcomes of his actions ?? sick

I rest my case, your Honor ! wink