Here we have Comcast/Xfinity and Verizon/Fios. I'll never, but never do any business at all with Verizon ever again. We don't have any local broadcast stations, so going off-cable is not an option. So Comcast it is. On the whole it's not too bad. I wish we could have an a la carte menu option. I don't see why I'm stuck with so many channels that I never ever watch but pay for. And yes, I know that all those crap channels subsidize the sports channels, which cost an arm and a leg. But the sports channels are what I don't watch at all. I can live without ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN U, Golf Channel, SportsNet, CBS College Sports, NHL Network, NFL Network, NFL Redzone, Tennis Channel. Really. Never ever watch any of them.
MACTECH ubi dolor ibi digitus