And what was with having the Indian/Pakistanian guy so obsessed with Bigfoot . How lame

Neal (Dev Patel) is one of my favorite characters! smile

The "Big Foot thing" is portraying his childlike
naive side to balance his technological genius,
also revealing the cultural disconnect... that
he believes he's stumbled upon some of secret
knowledge that evidently no one else is aware of.
He's all together clueless as to why everyone
else just rolls their eyes and walks away...at the
same time, it's setting-up further "discoveries"..
such as "The Occupy Wall Street Movement" that
everyone else is still totally unaware of..under the
assumption that it's yet another Conspiracy
bug-a-boo that Neil's chasing....[insert eye-roll]

I see The News as a sort of back-drop for the story
lines, rather than the reverse. It's a TV Show
...NOT a Documentary.

If you want "The REAL THING" watch C-SPAN...
I used to.. I couldn't handle it... it kept making
me want to chuck my TV out the freaking window!

Speaking of "Conspiracy Theories"... you know where
I got that horse-pucky about "Corporate Prisons"
and virtual "Slave Labor"? I watched them pass the
legislation gavel-to-gavel one morning on C-SPAN!

Waiting for the FOX or MSNBC Spin is watching the
day's going's on as regurgitated comentary.. you
looking for the really SCARY SHYTE, Watch C-SPAN! eek