What size drive do you have now, and what size do you think you need?

Like Michael said, Hybrids are quicker at some tasks than a standard drive, it boots and wakes from sleep a lot quicker, but if you want to really supercharge it go full SSD.

That drive John posted is a great price for even a standard 1TB drive, but it's only a 5400 RPM drive. IMO you'd be better off getting a 7200 RPM standard drive. Yours probably has a 5400 RPM.

The hybrids load the OS and swap onto the SSD part, and I figure that the Seagate software loads frequently used apps onto it, but the majority of the work is being done by the spinning platters. The SSD is only 8G.

So it will boot faster, and launch apps faster, but at 5400 RPM you really won't see much difference unless you reboot the computer all day and launch and quit apps all day.

You probably have the standard 5400 RPM drive now, so IMO I'd recommend a standard 7200 RPM drive, it will be faster in general with that. Get a Seagate.

Or go full $$D and be amazed. I think yoyo put an SSD in his tower, maybe he'll chime in.