First a brief history

On a previous thread, I mentioned that through a mishandling of instruments the hospital left me susceptible to exposure to Hepititus and HIV. I had to drive a 45 mile round trip back to the hospital for an additional blood test.

Results were to come from the state health dept.

I received a notice from post office today that they had the certified letter their of my results. Soi went to the post office to get the letter to be told the letter carrier had just left and that he was coming back to the office with my letter. I waited ten or so minutes. He shows up there to tell me that he can't find it that it will be delivered tomorrow.

So I head back home muttering to myself about all of this I was going through. Also thinking about googling "pressure cooker" and "backpack " . When I drove up to my house I was greeted by the letter carrier with my letter. He beat me home.

That's pretty cool that he went out of his way to do that. Kudos post office and letter carrier.

But, alas I didn't have the notice they sent me and he needed it to cross reference the letter. So tomorrow I will get it. If I'm hometo sign

Rev Dave
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