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I feel like Rodney Dangerfield, except without the money.

Starting school in about 2 weeks. Majoring in Health Information Technology that'll get me an Associates. From there, I may go for the Health Information Management, a BA degree.

First up, 3 classes. A general Algebra class since I haven't taken math in 30 years, I figure I need to brush up on it before taking the required Math class. And a Medical Terminology class along with an Intro to Computers class crazy Stupid requirements.

Well you know they're makin ya take the computer class because you use a Mac !! wink
Taught by PC Weinies !! laugh

Medical Info is a great field to be in , the medical profession is going through an electronic revolution and there'll be secure jobs for decades.... not to mention about anything with medicine is pretty secure. Great choice John ! Best of luck !! ... now hit the books young man ! wink

My son Nathan works for MediTech in Atlanta and they supply software for all the medical Info Technology !!
David (OFI)