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Does hard recycling help?

Yes I tried Unplugging the Display & Reattaching it again
while the computer was still running, that worked, the
power light Stopped Blinking,

but started blinking again as soon as the computer went
into sleep mode, the Power Light on the Display started
blinking (2 Short & 1 Long) as soon as it woke up again.

I did another Hard Re-Cycle, which stopped the blinking
again, then tried shutting down the computer for the night

When I restarted the computer this morning, the power
light went right back to blinking again. frown

At the moment I'm so despondant I feel like going away
and eating some worms ( Old Kids Book wink ) but when I
feel better I'll try re-seating the Graphics Card, and
if that fails, hooking up an old doorstop display to
test whether it's the Display or the Computer that needs
replacing. frown

I was considering a MacMini... but if it's the display
perhaps a used iMac would be the way to go...