Her teaching gig lasted one school year then her position was given to a nurse from the county office who had seniority.

She is doing contract work (i.e., no salary, no benefits, no fixed schedule) as a home health care nurse for a hospice organization. Her last paycheck (as well as several previous ones) bounced.

I need 6 more years of teaching to get my 30 years in the system at which time I will be LXX. I think I can make it but the way the education system is being systematically destroyed for the profit of various corporations, it will be difficult to weather the storm.

We have a new principal with an unknown agenda and the assistant principal in charge of my department will be retiring after this year. I was in good graces with my previous principal and current assistant principal so right now, I'm golden. All that can change in an instant, however, so I never really know what's coming down the road.
Where have I been?