Things are piling up.

I have had a busy summer doing teachery stuff (5 days at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University studying "Space Medicine: The Human Factor", 2 days at Daytona Racetrack creating lessons for "Driving Science" and 8 days beefing up on oceanography and climate) and baby-sitting $1,500 worth of sod (a tedious process). Lots of distractions at work (don't ask) such that the coming school year promises to be...shall we say "challenging".

Mrs. cope is still vastly underemployed (and uninsured until that communistic, socialistic, Kenyan Obamacare comes into play) presenting us with various financial challenges but daughter and family just moved into a brand new house that is a bit quicker to get to (less than 2 hours) and that is good.
Where have I been?