One of the beauties of "4 Track Cassette Tapes"
is the ability to Erase Them & Record over them
multiple times.
But 1) Don't go wreaking your dad's old recordings
without asking first... Who Knows.. He might be the
Soul-Owner of Grateful Dead Bootlegs , er sumpthin'!
(ONE Of a kind, and irreplaceable since Jerry G.
is no longer with us. ((R.I.P.)) )
And 2) Be aware that The SAME CopyRight Laws
apply to "cutting tapes" as "Burning .MP3s !

You can mix a personal tape for yourself, but
Selling Them is a HUGE "No-No"

Otherwise, Have A Blast!
We sure did! grin

Oh.. 3) I wouldn't "tape over" store-bought tapes,
they were even more expensive than vinyl albums
...once upon a time... whistle