Hey, Sweetheart! smile

Let us know Steve's Make & Model#
it would help us to know what to search for
should 'he' need replacement parts and so forth.

AH! The "OLD Penny on the Tone Arm" trick...
...yeah brings back memories...

OK, Bad News First:
The MAJOR issue you're going to encounter is
REPLACEMENT Needles (Called Cartridges) that's
the little snap-in unit that holds a jewel chip
(usually Sapphire because of it's Hardness)
because no matter how hard the jewel, THEY STILL
CHIP AND WEAR OUT Pretty Darn Quick!!!
WARNING: Worn-Out Needles will TOTALLY WRECK
A Record In Very Short Order (one or two plays)
especially with a Penny On the Tone Arm... that's
supposed to be perfectly Balanced so that the
"needle" barely touches the surface of the record.

BASICS: "NEEDLE" is a misnomer. They stopped
using Steel NEEDLES back in your Grand Mother's Day.
(as I said earlier, they switched to polished chips
of jewels (later still, Synthetic Jewels)) to increase
the "life" of the 'needle'... and thus, reduce the
amount of Wear-Damage they inflict on your
precious, and I imaging RARE Vinyl Records.

Second, There's no real "Surface" on a record, just
GROOVES... along the side of which the the music
is microscopically etched. If you chip away the
microscopic vinyl that causes the needle to vibrate,
that then gets translated into electrical impulses,
cause the magnets in the speakers to vibrate, that
causes the air to vibrate, which the ear translates
into SOUND... better yet... MUSIC!

As a dull needle scrapes away those microscopic
bits of vinyl from the inside of each groove, it can
now be heard as "HISS" or worser still "POP" ...so
annoyingly familiar to us "old geezers" wink

IOW, Save your rare & precsious Vinyl until you
locate a source of the now obsolete needle cartridges.

NEXT: The purpose of the TWO Cassette Decks, is of
course, for "DUBBING"... the old term for Creating
Your Own "Mixes" or Copies of Music-to-Tape, in
Steve's case... the option of copying Vinyl recordings
(thus extending the "Life" of the record) or CDs
which were still relatively rare---back then--- to a
more familiar and available source, A TAPE-PLAYER

laugh Hey Guys... remember those big ol' personal
tape players we used to tote around prior to single
MP3 Players.. and eventually those now famous
(wot're they up to now? 80,000 Songs In Your Pocket?)

Find out Steve's Make & Model Number (usually
located on the back of the unit) Score yerself a
fresh cartridge ASAP... whistle
..and have FUN with Your New Tech-Toy.