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Gimme' and the Great Gig in the Sky would be nothing without them. That's just two of many.


"...all great minds..."

** It's the exact example my mind leapt to
(just before I hit the rack...)

...must be 'The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon'!

The first time we saw Roger sans THE Floyd
he had HER (Clare Torry) flown in from FRANCE
via the Concord... just to swoop-in do Great
GiG In the Sky for 7 mins., then rushed back
to JFK in time for the return trip to Paris.

All that was said... "Ah! Our 'SPECIAL GUEST!"
and Immediately broke into, what I always call,

Nobody knew just HOW 'Special' until we read
about how it had all been accomplished the
following morning in the New York Times!

But then Rog has always been BIG on Theatrics. wink