OK, this would've been just another number from the Stones [yawn], except for "that" voice. Credit the lady? I'm posting a recording as opposed to a live video on purpose. Hear that backup?

Probably the best, like fn' ever. Her name is . . . Uh, don't know? Somebody finally gave her and her sisters the credit they are sooooo long overdue in a new flick. Hard to believe, but I actually can direct you to what should become a very important resource about the ladies who totally made the music better, and they rarely got their creds. Just take another look at my post title wink

Hey, Love Shack convinced me that I'd wasted my life by not becoming a backup singer. I'm short enough and almost have red hair laugh

Anyway, this docu rightfully recognizes the awesome voices of the women that made all those guy "gods" of rock, soul and everything else possible. Cool stuff 4 sure.


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I always deserve it. Really.