'nother old joke;

When confronted with the whinging (whining)
PC Idiots accusing Apple of being seen as less
environmentally friendly than themselves, due
to a lack of Apple Hardware being turned in for
"Proper Disposal" rather than ending up in Land
Fill, I posted that APPLE Uses it's OWN Form of
RECYCLING --- We Call It E-BAY grin

My Point?

When my 17" Lucite Display "bought the farm", I
headed straight for e-bay, where I found not only
the identical 17" Display (for $100) but an
identical 2002 G4 that he'd thrown in FOR FREE.

In fact, it's the one I'm using at the moment,
that I just swapped out all my add-on-goodies
to a few months ago smile

This 22" Display was an e-bay replacement for the
20" one that was going dim, which was purchased
from e-bay about 5 years earlier. smile

IOW, Pirate,
If you're yearning to upgrade, join me in taking
advantage of those who "just can't live without"
The Newest Model every year. smile