I still like watching those, but the problems of age are a reminder that I'm not young anymore.

When singing or playing, practice can help, but can't always accomplish everything.

There's an album from the '70s called "After the Ball" with Joan Morris (voice) and Robert Bolcom (piano). Morris' singing on that album was totally outstanding - beautiful and amazing.

I've not heard much of her since, though I understand she and Bolcom are still active.

About ten years ago one of my brothers claimed she was losing some of her ability to sing due to age. This happens to most of us, I think, to a lesser or greater degree depending on practice, events in our lives, and whatever gifts God has given us.

When I listen to my voice-mail recordings at work, I hear my Dad's voice when he was getting up in years. A reminder that time marches on.
"Seek for the merit in others, even the tiniest shred. Then do the same in yourself"
-Reb Nachman