The only resetting I did was After the Fact
(I turned down the brightness a by a hair)
Other than that, the display or even the
cables haven't been jiggled or touched.

Like my stroke... It Just Woke Up That Way. frown

umm... I just sent it to a rinse with DiskWarrior
(to no avail) and was about to shut'er down and
hope for a ReSet when I came here to check for
a reply concerning my Cry 4 Help frown

Owing to the age I wouldn't doubt that it's the
LCD frizzing out...


I have it plugged into an APPLE ADAPTER used to
split the signal Between 2 Displays...
I unhooked the 17" display to make room, but
Never Bothered To UNHOOK THE ADAPTER That's
still channeling to the 30" Display.

Being the 2nd $100+ adapter to burn out.........

WTH? Gooda place to start as any... smile

THANX! laugh

BB In An Hour (More or Less)