The more disabled i become
the more I come to rely on my iPhone.

Annoying little stuff like running out of gas
would be a major disaster for me, most service
stations around me are closing down, so just
locating one in a pinch, (without driving in
circles ((running out of gas))looking for one)

I've already told the story of sitting outside
the Main Post office in impressive
structure, big wide marble/granite? stairway,
tall Dorian columns ...
with a little tiny gold-leaf sign indicating
their HOURS of Business @ the top of the stairs


(couldn't go anywhere else...
...THEY were holding an undelivered package
for me...

9AM ... issue, if I climb the stairs, I might
have to sit at the top (can't stand for an hour)
waiting for them to open ((at 10AM ..?)) or
clammer back to the car AND GO HOME... since I
couldn't possibly climb the stairs AGAIN all
in the same day...
Use my Smart Phone to GOOGLE Post Office Hours.

BINGO... 10AM... but at least I was able to sit
in the relative comfort of my car until then.

I could site other reasons/examples...

...Being at a Mall...
I can no longer spend the day window shopping etc
I have to get where I'm going ASAP or not go at all.


GOOGLE/Livingston Mall/FLOOR PLAN/Apple Store wink
floorplan in hand, I could then choose the closest
entrance /parking spot to have any hopes of
getting in and out again.. and still be able to
drive home.