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Yet 24 people in here have seen it.. and only one had a response. I'm a bit shocked at that. I guess it was either too much to absorb.. or people just don't care?

Have you also considered that some of us
are waiting for verification that this isn't
what's known as "A Distress Scam" ?

It's a sorry testament to the human condition
but heartless people have been known to exploit
children in more-than-one-way... one of them
being the type revealed as the begging scams
exposed in the Movie, "Slumdog Millionaire".

If you'll notice, people are being asked,
Not To Contact Their Representative, or
International Social Services, or even to
Open Their Home as a possible REFUGE...
...But Instead To "SEND DONATIONS"...

ask yourself..How Many MILLIONS Of Hits?

just saying --- because frankly ---
I think (so far) everyone else is afraid to ---
(say one way or the other and in so doing, appear
either flint-hearted, or stupid for jumping in
only to be seen as an IDIOT 2 days from now.)