Many things I see on the net I just shake my head at and shrug, I've become a bit numb from information overload maybe, but few hit me like that did.

It brings up a touchy subject actually. We're supposed to be tolerant of other cultures, it's the PC thing to do. But when we know aspects of some cultures violate the inherent human rights that all people deserve, it's hard to be open minded.

We know these people are aware that their life is unpleasant. IMO those that think an oppressed person isn't aware of their plight only has their head in the sand so as not to risk being seen as intolerant and non-PC of differences in cultures. These tenets are 100's of years old, outdated, and inhumane.

Something like that. Still kind of absorbing it all.

There have been 7 million hits on just that one on youtube in 3 days.