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If it weren't for Geezers and old Fogerty's I'd never see another concert.

Seriously frown
We saw Roger Waters in '04 on his 61st B'Day
during a brief lull between two songs I yelled;
he gave a small smile and said, 'Thank You' smile

apparently the kids didn't have a clue.

The last time I saw Pink Floyd, a kid
sat down behind us, leaned forward and
asked, "Which one is Dave Gilmour?" shocked
I handed him my monocular saying, "See
that fat ol' man in the tee-shirt? ...that's
who you spent your paper-money to see."

Another time we were seeing Pink Floyd in
Yankee Stadium, and they were in the middle
of "Astronomy Domine" when a kid next to Ted
asks him, "Is THIS From Their NEW Album?" smile
When Ted stopped laughing he said, "Kid,
THIS was "New" when I was Your Age!" grin

Another time we were in MSGarden to
see The Moody Blues and Donovan was the
opening act. The kid behind us blurted out,
"WHO IS DIS GUY?!?" cry I almost hit him!

** The "Geezer Version"
...some things improve with age. wink