I was serious about hunting for a rolley whatever,
but I can't find the one I saw someone using in
the hospital I was in at the time waiting for
medical transport.

This thing was so kewl it made me laugh out loud
which prolly cheesed off the owner who deftly
buzzed around me in the lobby and took off before
I could inquire about the make and model (& price)

It looked exactly like a neat little automobile
(it even had headlights, tail lites, and perhaps
even turn signals.) The body was small and low to
the ground, and the person sat high in a cumfy-
looking seat (maybe a stirring wheel? maybe not)
It looked like sumpin' a child would ride around
on... WHAT THE HEY!?! If you're a "Geezerette"
stuck riding a scooter..WHY NOT HAVE FUN WITH IT?

...and Maybe a TRAILER to Go-With:

<--klk img

. . . .*MEEP*MEEP*