I don't have a problem using the word,
I still refer to the X-VP as THE Dick
Problem was using it in tandem with JC

Even if I don't necessarily believe Jesus
was the Son of God, I still respect him
as the most forward thinking individual
of his time (that we know of) & wherever
he'd spent those "missing years", their
simplified, easily understood teachings
went on to influence the human behavior
of a vast number of people to this day.

What I find disturbing, was that so many
hucksters co-opted his name in order to
legitimize their "God-Given-Right" to
force others into doing whatever they say.

So to this guy's point
'Keep your excuse for bullying
out of my daughter's personal life!'

..kinda' looses sumpthin' in translation.. crazy
"...or am I a butterfly dreaming she's a woman?"