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yes they might choose hiding it
if the alternative is getting lynched.

Lynching comes in may forms (my examples to nuc).
The question being, why should anyone have to hide who they are? So as not to disrupt your neighbours day!
Which comes back to M.T. Everybody needs role models and unless we are who we are, how will anyone know?

Ah... so...

That moment of coming together.
An opening of minds where we feel
comfortable enough to view each other
around the edges of our shields and begin
to know each other and create a bond of trust


it has to start somewhere
we all have our vulnerabilities,
past wounds we still have to defend,
but becoming threateningly confrontational
sets up a cascade of negativity that becomes
pervasive. One can fairly feel the spears bristling.

**the kumbaya gif was sincere
and in no way meant disparagingly