The same applies here...
I don't care what color people are...
Label, label, label.....

Actually that was my point (too)

That it was mistaken
(miss-taken = taken the wrong way)

That IMO you were not dismissive of that
which you were being ACCUSED of dismissing.

yet Leslie, being so (TOO) closely involved
of the topic under discussion, she became
dismissive of the fact that her impassioned
defense of those being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST
that she Failed to See what was Right In Front
of Her (and everyone else's) Eyes, that can't
wrap-their-head-around what it's like to,
(as Pres. Obama said) "...to be followed
around a store... etc etc etc"

The difference being, there was no way to
HIDE the fact that they were Black...
...they were "stuck with it" ...like it or not

As I said...

The discussion is way way way over-due...

When even people involved in their OWN Form
of Prejudice are unable to recognize the EXTENT
of what it's like to
"Walk that mile in Each Other's shoes"

Only an outside observer could plainly see that
Neither You NOR Leslie were guilty of that
which you were being accused of by stating that
but as Leslie was trying to point out..
"In Reality... it's still a Fact of Life Yet
To Be Dealt With!"

and as i said (again)
"...and the discussion is Way WAY Over Due"

(yes, Leslie.... "NO WINKIE" )