btw, not a reply directly to you Cel, I was just being lazy in my replying habits.

It does matter in many cases. I remember making a comment on some things that Rush said about Anderson Cooper and about Anderson's reply on his show to Rush.

It became clear to a few people in this forum that from the nature of my comments I did not know that Anderson Cooper was gay. That changed the conversation. I believe Rachel Maddow slipped into the conversation, another person that I did not know was gay - and that changed the conversation.

Now of course a person's sexual orientation doesn't always (or even often) change the conversation. And again, it is the step of bravery it takes to be openly gay and in the public eye that impresses me, not the gay part, the openly gay part.

"Among other interesting things" is what I said in my original comments about Mr. Takano. The other interesting stuff: he taught Brit Lit for 26 years, he ran for the House multiple times over a long span before finally getting elected. He also looks a heck of a lot like a teacher at my school named Mr. Takano, but I doubt they are related.

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