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A person's sexuality is a part of them. Many bios about him list this. Coming out with that publicly is a brave move even in these times. His Japanese ancestry was what interested me the most. And...?

Yes.. it is a part of them. Clearly.
You never hear about someones sexuality if they are a hetero.
Can you imagine..? ..."He was the 128th straight Senator to be elected in the great state of Ohio".
Who effin cares?

BTW... using "and" was not meant as a barb or combative gesture.
If I'm talking to someone and they say something I find quizzical or preposterous... and I look at them with a raised eyebrow and say..."aannddd"? it usually means "and you're point is?"
Of course I have had to embellish here to make sure I'm clear on the description.
Seems to me when someone would post "and...?" after a comment that it would be clear.
Guess not.