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Of course it is but that's part of the fun. For me at least.
Okay, I think I get you now. smile

Also wish I was retired and had the time. laugh

If I'm by myself watching a movie, it might take me three hours to finish it. Something will Coe up in the film, andi check it out then from there I check something else out and so on. Especially ifits a period film or dealing with a certain group.

One film, called the Eagle dealt with a legion of roman soldiers in England. The peasants were eating some grain, I believe it was millet, so I had to check it out, being a farm lad. This led me to the history of several other grains.

In the end, the researching was a lot more intriguing then the film.

One western had a prostitute in it. The scene had her dressed in her skimpy outfit but a bra strap slipped off her shoulder. That got me researching women's under garments, and mens also Very interesting.

There are 10 kinds of people.
Those that understand binary and those that don't.