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Bunch of BS and hype. There's nothing affordable about my health insurance going up 15% last summer and 33% next month. mad

He dropped the ball by letting insurers rape us before anything kicked in. Chicken sht didn't want to screw up an election or something. Any "savings" coming up has been wiped out for years with the increases.

I'm very disappointed in a lot Obama has not done.

For a lot of people, it's going to work out very well. For others, not so much. But rather than comparing what rates you get now vs. what you will be getting under the ACA, you should be comparing rates you'll get under the ACA vs. what they would have been had nothing passed.

Will the effect of ACA on insurance rates -- even with insurers ramping them up in the interim period -- bring them below what they would have been at this point in a non-ACA scenario? Even if it's break-even it's still a win because more people will be insured ...

Also, if you're self-employed, definitely look into the Exchanges -- I know I will be =)