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[font:Courier New]Isn't a gun SANFU, but I saw WWZ this afternoon and liked it. Pitt was very good and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

However one part was a little unreal...in one scene (I won't give it away) they had this room with all these vials of human pathogens...

#1 most were in liquid serum bottles (5-10ml) . Sorry folks but you want to keep them long term and viable they have to be frozen !.. and stored in liquid N2 or at least a -80C freezer ! Course that would have complicated the plot. Go see it and you'll see why.

#2 you wouldn't store them all in 1 room ! They had typhus agent, H1N1, and meningitis agents all in the same cabinet. frown Sorry, CLIA (or their UK counterpart) would shut your azz down in a nanosecond for something like that !! (typhus and meningitis are bacterial, H1N1 is viral - not even the same classes of pathogens, and typhus is a very atypical bacteria = special group)

#3 it unlikely a field office even for the WHO would have this variety of pathogens... usually those offices are very specialized..

BUT the movie was great despite these inconsistencies ! grin Go see it ! ;0

Hurumph!! Well that does it for me! No way am I going to waste money on a movie with all those inaccuracies!!!! Even though Brad Pitt is my main movie squeeze! wink

of course, I am pullling yer leg