need? that is assuming much, right there. may not want to get to know you any better than i do now... and i think i know you fairly well. no "spring chicken" here, been around the block a few.<br><br>oh and due to time constraints and other pressing matters, i did not get around to posting this the other night, from the Apple TIL:<br>--------<br>Many system problems can be resolved by resetting the Cuda chip. The function of the Cuda chip is to:<br><br> Turn system power on and off.<br> Manage system resets from various commands.<br> Maintain parameter RAM (PRAM).<br> Manage the real-time clock.<br>--------<br>THAT is essentially and for nearly all intents and purposes what is accomplished by a PRAM zap and an NVRAM zap does yet more... that said, there are a few times when a CUDA button reset is indicated, such as when one installs a new CPU, etc<br><br><br>do have a nice day/evening<br><br>~~~<br>"Our civil rights have no dependence upon our religious opinions more than our opinions in physics or geometry." --Thomas Jefferson