While everyone has on opinion about the Rolling Stone cover Drudge Report does this crap every single day. What's the act Drudge links to? A race war? Riots?

To combat these larger social issues, President Obama offered three broad suggestions:

1. Get the Justice Department involved with training local governments to reduce mistrust in the legal system. (It's worth remembering that this episode started over an outcry that Zimmerman wasn't arrested at all in regards to the incident).

2. Examine local laws -- such as "Stand Your Ground" -- and see if they encourage "may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case rather than diffuse potential altercations."

3. Think about ways to bolster and reinforce African American boys so they do not get caught up in the legal system (as the statistics indicate they are more likely to be).

But that's not the narrative that's smothering rightwing conservative racists .Obama is promoting a race war. It's a headline and a photo, that's as far as it goes and the anger is stoked. What do Drudge readers think:


obama only wants the race war to rage on... what is going to happen when the non blacks of this country say enough is enough?? I really think it will be civil unrest that obama-holder are really looing looking for. OBAMA THE GREAT DIVIDER!

update: seems The National Journal article linked closed and removed the reader comments, or they're editing out the racist BS the Drudge link produced