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Many of us in USA who want limited gun access cite Australian laws to those NRA members and gun addicts who are always screaming 2nd Amendment rights. They always come back with it hasn't stopped murders nor mass murders in Australia. I think they're balmy, but what's the real scoop ? I haven't heard of any Columbines, Virginia Techs, grade school, or theater killings in your country. crazy

The copycat type mass shootings have stopped since the crackdown on semi-auto rifles. That worked.. so far. There's always someone trying to outwit the police. The gangs, ie: bikies and street gangs, the drug runners etc., They get guns and do drive by shootings. So that stuff still happens. Mostly the guns are stolen or black marketed locally. ie; the guns that weren't handed in during amnesties. Though customs caught one of my bosses from sending two replica pistols home to himself from America, loads of handguns come in with people buying them off the internet.

Taking the guns away doesn't stop bad people from being bad people. However in the main, they only shoot at each other if they can get guns and ammunition. It isn't like the average person needs to carry a gun to protect themselves. In fact most of us don't see any gun violence. It is limited to gang warfare in certain areas and probably always will be while there is money to be made out of various criminal activities that organised gangs can get up to.

I don't carry a gun nor see the need to get a permit. Though any landholder, ie: farmers are allowed to have guns for shooting vermin and they are able to allow shooters onto their properties and thus can be a guarantee to getting a shooters permit. If this was cracked down on, then the avenues for obtaining guns and ammunition would be vastly decreased. Because who is to say that every permit issued to shoot vermin is authentic? Even if it was authentic there is still room to abuse the system.

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