It is not that guns are outlawed in my country. Yes it is Australia. It is because there are much tighter restrictions and an entirely different community perception about carrying guns. In our country, unless Zimmerman was a security person or police, carrying the gun itself is akin to pre-planned use of it. Which would mean that actually using it, would leave him no legal grounds to stand on at all. Not even self defense.

It is against the law here to discharge a firearm within a mile of any residence. It is against the law to carry a firearm unless properly secured and with magazine removed and with appropriate permit.

Semi-automatic weapons and handguns among many things from hand grenades to plastic replica weapons, are all banned and carry heavy penalties. An air-rifle without a special permit can land you in jail or a $5,000 fine or both.

The point is that though it isn't impossible to be harmed by a firearm here, there is no way any person using one could get off on any self-defense claim.

This may be of interest. In regard to the fact that almost all ammunition sold in Australia is manufactured in the USA.

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