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Nature's a b¡tch.

report came out today by investigators saying the fire was man-made mad

Getting close to 40,000 acres burned this afternoon, declared the worst California fire this year to date. City of Idyllwild is threatened. Many people will lose their homes. The historic Palm Springs Aerial Tramway mountain station at 8500 ft. is threatened. The fire is headed to higher elevations where all the fuel is. To the south, one report said the southern-most canyon with the old-growth palm oasis has flames approaching and is just about ready to burn. hoping the aerial retardant drops have been in that area too.

I've been watching the large helicopters all day. They have a base camp visible from my place where they hover, refill the fire retardant from large tanker trucks, then take off up the mountain. I was told they have 13 helicopters in the fight, it's been non-stop since early this morning. Fire crew says it's only 15% contained with extreme risk.

Flames visible on the mountain ridge, still lots of smoke. Wind shifted for a while this afternoon and we had short a break from it.

the historic tramway mountain station was built in 1964, accessible by the longest cable car span in the country, from the valley floor (near sea level) to 8500'. This side of the mountain facing Palm Springs is incredibly steep.

the fire map keeps getting worse. I'm on the bottom center edge of the map. The tram station is to the right of the leading edge of the fire. Idyllwild is just above the right leading edge.