Fire is much worse today. Spread now to 20,000 acres. Smoke and ash is getting really bad.

The west side of the mountain is all forested, the east side facing the deset valley is much steeper with less to burn. I'm on the desert side. All day there were tanker air drops on the higher ridges. 3000 firefighters and 16 helicopters. Tonight the mountain town of Idyllwild and camgrounds had mandatory evacuations of about 6000 people. I see the top ridges on fire tonight, fire is moving into higher elevations with thick chapparal and pine. The fire is also moving down the mountain toward Palm Springs, I'm looking from my window right now and see flames heading down into the canyons, slowly, and by luck there's almost no wind. At daybreak the helicopters will start scooping water from the golf course lake about a 1/2 mile down the street and try to save the canyon's palm oasis. This is a picture of what these look like, sacred sites of the local tribe: