So I have procured a copy of Lion, packaged by Apple on a USB stick. A friend who never bothered to see if his Mac could install it wasted his money and just had it sitting around.

My Mac can handle Lion, but because of only having a 32-bit EFI, it cannot handle the Mountain Lion 64-bit kernel - humor me while I pretend I know in any real depth what that means. Anyway this does mean I can only do Lion.

As it cost me nothing to procure Lion I am not dead set on installing it.

So: those of you who use or used Lion - is it worth it? I found criticisms of it everywhere. However many of these were early criticisms. Maybe the latest builds before ML eventually came out improved it quite a bit? A lot if other sites say that ML vastly improved on what Lion couldn't get right, possibly even more than SL did for Leopard. If this is truly the case I doubt I would want to bother with Lion.

Advice please? smile
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