It appears I was able to fix it on my second attempt.

The third drive is showing up now:

What I found was there was one pin in the power supply female connector that was smashed and was not plugging into the male logic board socket. I would suspect it was like this since new.

I found it when I unplugged the connector and started untwisting the wires to check things out...not a great photo:

Luckily, the connectors are like my motorcycle's and I had a small pin like tool that helped re-open up the female terminal.

I was more focused on the data connectors before but this is where the power supply for the hard drives are:

Thanks for the help Jim and G4...the suggestions got me thinking and willing to go back in as I was going to probably just get an enclosure.

Oh, I figured I could pull power from an USB card as it has the old 4 pin connector and use a SATA data cable to the logic board if needed.