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From what I read, the part of the instrumentation that was not sterilized wasn't even used.

I not too worried at all. Just kinda ironic. grin


You mean the drilling wasn't THAT deep ? laugh

Good to hear !

Lol. Went today back there for blood test. They took four vials of blood. Has to go to state. Why four, I wonder?

I walked in the door of the hospital where they were all over me to help. In escorting me to the lab the rep was telling all that I could do to get information. Then in the lab, the tech was the same. Willing to do about anything. She was quick to get a nurse when I asked for them to access my port-a-cath instead of punching a hole in my arm.

Of course when I first walked in they asked how they could help like they do. I replied that I was there to find out ifi had HIV. They knew then that I joked a lot.

Also when I gave my name, several knew that my daughter who is a RN there. One even remembered my stay there and that I encouraged folks to get iPads. She admitted that she had done so and, like me, was addicted to it. Saying it was the best thing ever.

See. There is a silver lining.
If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time