I did try that and took the known good two drives from bays 1 and 2 are not seen in bays 3 and 4. The bus seems to show up in the profile though.

I was able to place the new hard drive in bay two and format it and it seemed to work okay in bay 2. It just seems that bays 3 and 4 and not seeing any drives.

I figured I would just use the drive in my old G4 Security Camera CPU with an SATA card...worked great but for some reason I could not get the new 1TB drive to act as a start up drive whereas a much smaller one would work....

If I cannot get the two bays working, I may just use it as a fresh new drive for the Mac Pro and use the old one in an external case for back-ups. My main purpose of the new drive was to act as a clone back-up in addition to Time Machine back-ups.