I'll say this now before it happens.
My Broither-in-law (LL) can carry and has a license. BUT he got that a few years ago when he was more sane- rational, before his wife passed away. Now he's become more bitter and hateful.. so much so my other BIL (AM) who lives across the street from him is getting a weapon because he FEARS him. crazy

LL will die by that gun someday... mark my words. Either he'll use it on someone and get shot in the process, or someone (stranger) will shoot him when he goes on one of his anger tantrums. (He's an icon for road rage.) That's a problem with gun ownership & licenses to carry - once you get a license or gun - you only have to renew... never be mentally tested again. Hence you get judgmental idiots like Zimmerman.

Guess my BIL - LL being a Christian forgot the old passage " Live by the sword- Die by the sword" ! crazy

I'll post when it happens (NOT wishing for it, but it's like an approaching train - hard NOT to see it coming !) frown
David (OFI)